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Premium services, permanent benefits!



We are happy that you have discovered Auto-Concept.ro.

This is a unique concept on the Romanian car market, which we have specially created to fit your needs, claims and expectations regarding your car and all connexed services.

We are permanently at your disposal, with optimal advice and solutions in the auto industry.

We can help you save time and money with quality services and reliable partners.

My name is Bogdan Penciu and I have to pleasure to present you with the newest concept in Romania, created and adapted to suit your needs. We will guide you to make the best decisions on the purchase of the right vehicle. With a 9-year experience in the sale of new and second hand cars, I have noticed that 70% of the customers make decisions under the influence of friends, acquaintances and other individuals around.

After the purchase, the car they bought does not fully please them, and some are even sorry for having bought it. Every person is suited by a car, depending on his/her budget, needs, personality, lifestyle, hobbies.

The car is the place where we spend most of our time and we should have the best comfort and the best safety in it.

As a Sales Consultant, I have preferred to guide customers to making the right decision, not to the car that brings larger profit to the company. This is why we have created a unique concept, consisting of consultancy and complete services, which we have integrated in the Auto Concept card.