We are all used to offers of any type, but most of us reach the conclusion that a small price for a product or service is covered by the higher price of another product or service it is linked to, like in a supermarket. This is why we have selected the best prices, and when you need a service you can contact me for any required information.



Service discount for registrations, insurance


We all know that we need time in order to register a car; since we have NO time, we can resort to a specialised company, that will bring our documents and registration plates to our home or our office.

You no longer have to worry about insurance any more; you will no longer have to contract insurance in hypermarkets and in the street.

An insurance broker is like a "guardian angel"; as the policy comes close to expiring, you will be contacted for renewal; when you have an unpleasant event, the broker will be involved in solving the documentation as quickly as possible, and the car service has direct settlement with the insurer and will be able to release your car without waiting for settlement with the insurance company.

Purchasing the Auto Concept Card, you benefit from considerable discounts for all services.

This card is valid for every revision, repair, insurance, purchase of accessories.

The card is valid for 3 years and can be use with no limitation during this entire period.

The price of a card is 600 RON


Sale of new cars and financing              

I provide you with FREE OF CHARGE consultancy in choosing the right car and support in purchasing it at a low price.​

3 things are critical when buying a car:1. Purchase price 2. Maintenance cost 3. Resale price

Based on these 3 items and the brand analysis, we will make a decision together.

I will negotiate the car price so that you may get it at a really good price.

As for financing, I will negotiate your interest and management commission with partner leasing companies:

Tiriac Leasing, Premium Leasing, Bcr Leasing, Volksbank Leasing.

Car service - Mechanical - Electrical

When we take your car for the revision, with valet service, you will receive after a service book, each work will be guaranteed, original parts will be used, and the aftermarket shall be offered upon the customer's request.​

You only need to show the card and you will automatically benefit from:

1 -  20%cheaper labour costsAD GARAGE AVIATIEI through TOP SERVICE CONCEPTand up to 40%    

     discount with the other partners

2 - discount when purchasing original car parts or aftermarket  -15%

3 - mechanical and electrical revision for the purchase of a car 

Show the card to one of our partner services and you will be awarded a 20% discount from the labour costs for the repair.​

If you have a claim, the counsellor will be in charge with the documentation for the performance of such repair. After the car is repaired, you can rest assured, the car service will recover the money from the insurer without blocking your car.

The team includes experienced people and you will be amazed at the quality of our services.

RCA, Casco insurance policies - Registration - Warping - Regular technical inspection


The insurance broker helps me provide you with the lowest market price for any RCA or Casco insurance. 6% RCA insurance discount 

Send your RCA insurance application together with your and the car's identification data and I will send you all the offers of insurance companies so that you may make the right choice.

After entering an insurance with Leader Team you no longer need to pay attention to the policy expiry date, they will call you at least a week before to remind you that the expiry is closing in.

Besides their care, they will provide you with support in unpleasant moments.

The Warping Service is available 24/24 hours, with a special fee of 99 lei anywhere in Bucharest.

Second-hand car sale - purchase

If you want to sell a car, you only have to send an e-mail with 5 pictures of the car, its technical data and the price you require and I will promote it to sell it. The fee for the sale of the second hand car is between  2% and 4%  of the car's price, VAT included. Payment is made after the transaction takes place.

If you want to buy a second hand car, send me a request and I will look for a suitable car, the fee is 2% of the car's price, VAT included.

If you have purchased a car and you have no time to draw up the documentation, resort to Auto Concept and you will get a preferential price for the registration service.

Vallet Service

Purchasing the Auto Concept car, you can have the car serviced while you are at the office.

A representative of the service will come to pick up the car for the review.

You can see what happens in service online, so that you will have every confidence that the car is in good hands!